A Testimonial from the 85th President of the Pasadena Jaycees

“Since joining the Jaycees in 2009, I’ve met some remarkable people and accomplished some noteworthy achievements. Not just any organization will take you across the world to Japan or dress you up as a Santa or Mrs. Claus to deliver presents on Christmas Eve. Some of my closest friends are Jaycees. I’ve also had the unique opportunity to be creative in this organization and develop my own projects such as the Five Acres Summer Party and the Jaycee Intern Program. If you’re looking to meet new people, better the community, or just want to do something different in your life then attend one of our events to meet the Board and our members. You never know, you could be delightfully surprised.”

– Michelle Lai, 85th President of the Pasadena Jaycees

“The Pasadena Jaycees is an incredible organization. I grew up in the Pasadena area and cherish the long-standing traditions and community of the foothills. From a young age participating in community service has been a core value of mine, as it is to many of us that grew up here, and I was looking for an organization that focused on contributing direct service work rather than fundraising as the objective. Running on volunteer manpower and shoe-string budgets, the Jaycees facilitate incredible events. I love that I am part of an organization that for the past 80 years when a child writes a letter to Santa, we have answered those letters and have been there for them. Or when a family wants to have Thanksgiving in their own home, but is struggling to make ends meet, we will be there for them too. Pasadena is about traditions. It’s a community founded on Midwestern values, that cares about each other and the legacy that we leave. The Pasadena Jaycees embodies this and attracts some of the nicest people I have had the pleasure of meeting that share my same value for caring for the people of our community.”

-Christine Holland, Ph.D. Jaycee Member

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