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Leadership Training & Professional Development

Project Management - Networking – Toastmasters – Guest Speakers

“I hear I forget, I see I remember, I do I understand” – Confucius

The Pasadena Jaycees offer leadership training by allowing our members to run actual community service projects and other Jaycees events. Our members are given the skills to plan major projects, motivate groups, budget, run meetings, and much more!

7 Leadership Skills Active Members Develop:

1. Team Development:
Experience and understand how High Performance/High Commitment Teams are developed.

2. Managing Change:
Understand the change process, the essentials for any change to happen, and the leadership skills needed for successfully managing change.

3. Communication, Planning & Involvement:
Demonstrate the essential management processes for effective planning.

4. Group Decision Making:
Demonstrate the appropriateness of various group decision making styles.

5. Leadership/Coaching:
Examine the leadership role in organizations with special emphasis on the skills of coaching and confronting.

6. Driving Performance-Measuring & Scorekeeping:
Demonstrate how Leaders/Managers drive performance in organizations, with special emphasis on measurement and scorekeeping.

7. Running Effective Meetings:
Look at meetings, the roles that people play in them, and making them more effective.


I recently earned my graduate degree and now work as an analyst for a large corporation. When I began my career I set personal goals to rapidly move up in the company; however, I quickly realized my book knowledge was strongly developed but I was lacking the skills and the experience in project management and people management that were necessary to be a leader at my company.

The Pasadena Jaycees have given me the skills, the confidence, and the experience that would take me years in my company to develop. I now feel like I have a competitive edge over other people my age and know my goals of becoming a young leader in the business world are very much achievable!

-- S.C.R., Member Since 2003