Pasadena Jaycees Student Interns

Student Internships

During the fall months, the Pasadena Jaycees are proud to offer the Youth Intern Program for the 4th year! This program aims to give citizens under the age of twenty-one a chance to develop leadership and networking skills through our community service projects that will benefit them as they prepare to join other organizations and the workforce. Interns observe board and committee meetings and volunteer with Jaycees and like-minded students to get an understanding of how projects are organized and how a non-profit organization is managed.

Students will focus on the Pasadena Jaycees’ two most prestigious community service projects — Operation Gobbler and Operation Santa. Meetings and volunteer events begin in late October. Program duration is two months, from the end of October through December. In early 2017, an awards luncheon will be held in their honor.

The application period for the 2016 Intern Program has closed.


  • Junior Chamber of Commerce Youth Intern Certificate of Achievement
  • Letter of Recommendation from the Pasadena Jaycees President
  • Ceremony/Luncheon with the Pasadena Jaycees Board and all the Jaycee Youth Interns
  • Top 3 Jaycee Youth Interns receive a gift and are recognized at the annual Pasadena Jaycees Awards and Installations (A&I) Banquet
  • Writer of the Best PMG (Project Management Guide) will be recognized at the Intern Luncheon and their project will be considered for execution by the Pasadena Jaycees in 2017

Pasadena Jaycees Interns Helping at One Colorado Event for Operation Santa           Pasadena Jaycees Interns Volunteering at the Queen's Breakfast for the Rose Queen and Court


Community Service (23  hours + 24 optional hours):

  1. Attend two Operation Gobbler food shifts per weekend for two weekend and one shift the other weekend (Total 15 hours)
  2. Attend the Operation Gobbler Food Sorting (2 hours)
  3. Attend the Operation Gobbler Food Distribution (Optional)
  4. Attend one Operation Santa Letter Reading per week (Total 6 hours)
  5. Attend Operation Santa Toy Sorting on Dec 23rd or Distribution Day on Christmas Eve (Optional)
  6. Attend Operation Santa Clean Up on Dec 26th (Optional)
  7. Attend Program Sales on New Year’s Day (Optional; highly recommended)

Meetings (3 hours + 2 optional hours; held on weekday evenings):

  • Attend 1 Operation Gobbler committee meeting (1 hour)
  • Attend 1 Operation Santa committee meeting (1 hour)
  • Attend 1 Board of Directors meeting (1 hour)
  • Attend a Queens Breakfast committee meeting (1 hour; optional)
  • Attend a Program Sales committee meeting (1 hour; optional)

NEW for 2016: Each Intern will write a Project Management Guide (PMG) as a proposal for a new Pasadena Jaycees project. Guidelines and due date will be discussed at the Info Session and Orientation meetings. Approx. time committment is 1-2 hours.

***NEW PROGRAM for Returning Students:

Students who have served as Jaycee Youth Interns in past years will participate on a special committee to plan and execute a new project. This committee will meet several times during October-December to endeavor to increase the impact of either Operation Gobbler or Operation Santa on the community. Requirements will be discussed in detail at the Returning Intern Info Session.

How to Get Involved:

Attend the Jaycee Intern Information Session at the Curtin House located at 474 W. Walnut St., Pasadena, CA and fill out an Intern Member Application online. If selected to join the program, students will be notified and begin attending meetings and volunteering for community service events in late October.

If you’re interested in joining, please RSVP for the Information Session by contacting Megan Delight, Intern Program Chairperson, at

The application period for the 2016 Intern Program has closed.

Pasadena Jaycees Interns Collecting Food Outside Grocery Stores for Operation Santa