Queen’s Breakfast

Since the late 1930s, the Pasadena Jaycees have hosted the Queen’s Breakfast each year to honor the Tournament of Roses’ Rose Queen, the Rose Court and their mothers. Jaycees coordinate the mailing of invitations and the ordering of flower arrangements, both prominently featuring roses, as part of planning the breakfast for over 200 attendees.

Historically, the Queen’s Breakfast was the first public appearance for the Rose Queen and her Court. Because of the televised coronation and other events, Queen’s Breakfast now serves to introduce the new Rose Court to community leaders and past Rose Queens and Princesses.

The Pasadena Jaycees are proud to continue this tradition in partnership with the Tournament of Roses.

 2016 Rose Court with the Pasadena Jaycees
2015 Rose Court with the Pasadena Jaycees
 2015 Rose Court with the Pasadena Jaycees


Photos from the 77th Annual Queen’s Breakfast courtesy of La Mia Stella Photography

Photos from the 76th Annual Queen’s Breakfast courtesy of Maria Brunner Ventura Photography

Photos from the 75th Annual Queen’s Breakfast courtesy of Nicole Strack Photography