Japan Visitation

In 1985, the Pasadena Jaycees began a homestay exchange program with the Jaycees in Kasukabe, Japan. Alternating host locations every summer, one chapter sends Jaycee members along with local high school and college students to experience the other’s country and culture.

Visitors stay in the homes of volunteer hosts to get the full-immersion experience. The host chapter plans group activities, including sight-seeing, community service projects and an overnight trip to a nearby city. Students who accompany Jaycees on the trip will take part in a cultural exchange event with students from the hosting country.

The Kasukabe Homestay is one of the most unique and meaningful projects for the Pasadena Jaycees. Friendships created on the trips last for years.  The Pasadena and Kasukabe chapters have become a long-distance family that reunites annually, to learn from and celebrate with each other.



We are looking for host families in the Pasadena area for the 2024 homestay exchange. We are also looking for restaurants and businesses to host events, and Japanese/English speakers to help translate. If you are interested, please email [email protected].



2023 Trip to Kasukabe